Terms and Conditions

You acknowledge and agree that Revenue Management Corporation uses the services of a third-party payment to process your payments and that Payment Processor acts as a limited payments agent on behalf of Revenue Management Corporation for the sole purpose of receiving, holding, and settling payments from you to Revenue Management Corporation on the company’s behalf.

Upon receipt of funds from you by Payment Processor (including payments received by third-party service providers on behalf of Payment Processor), your obligation to pay Revenue Management Corporation for amounts invoiced in the amount of your payment is extinguished, and if Payment Processor does not settle any such payment to Revenue Management Corporation, Revenue Management Corporation will have recourse only against Payment Processor and not you, as your payment is deemed made by to Revenue Management Corporation upon receipt by Payment Processor (including upon receipt by third-party service providers on behalf of Payment Processor).

Please be advised that payments may take up to 72-hours to be processed. You will receive a receipt at the email provided as soon as the payment is processed.